Said the other day was horrible

it's stuck playing inside 


Can't imagine how mediocre

 Repetitive its is to live by the masses. 


Could appreciate maybe all this time was a waste, but 

Just tell

That so 

theses words that bloom nocturnally in 


Don't bruise 



Shit That Talks.

Dear, Cara

What happened to sending a message? what happened to being radical? Its only radical to be ______? Its Radical to make sales? Fuck That Shit. Conversation in arts... what dose it talk about any more? I can't even answer that. Can you?

Dirty Ice

Dear Cara,

Sometimes and Somedays, recklessness becomes appealing.  The thought of no responsibility. It’s funny how the word responsibility has the word response in it. What happens if we stopped responding to everything? Would we just become like theses old homes in the city. Cracks and fillings, non symmetrical, sun damaged, rough, jaggity, and at some points peeling away to show the sketch patch work or our raw rotting side. Standing still colliding with anything new and shiny. Maybe thats how old people feel, or maybe not. All I know is that sometimes the old and the jaggity make me feel like I’m at home - they bring me back to a realistic response as to why I feel under and over whelmed ” AT THE SAME DAM TIME “.